PLEXIS Healthcare Systems Launches Ignite EDI: The All-in-One EDI Hub to Simplify, Empower, and Visualize the Management of Full EDI Transaction Lifecycles

Ignite EDI

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems (PLEXIS) announces the expansion of its electronic data interchange (EDI) services with the formal launch of Ignite EDI, an all-in-one intelligent EDI Hub that simplifies electronic data management to reduce data entry needs and maximize strategic, scalable, sustainable communication with trading partners.

“Modern healthcare payer organizations require much more than the traditional back office database to meet new standards for data liquidity,” said Pete Escobar, PLEXIS’ Vice President of Product Development. “PLEXIS is bringing a new industry standard to market with Ignite EDI, a disruptive shift to a fully connected environment that recycles transaction data to maximize the entire electronic data lifecycle.”

"Ignite EDI empowers payer organizations to do less work with more efficient processes. Optimizing sustainable, repeatable transaction sets - to many different trading partners, equates to significant cost savings, greater provider satisfaction, enhanced visibility, and maximum extensibility."

Sean Garrett, Chief Operating Officer

PLEXIS leverages over a decade of experience deploying EDI solutions for healthcare payers and third-party administrators world-wide. Ignite EDI represents PLEXIS’ newly expanded solution-set of its EDI products and services.

The Technological Foundation of Ignite EDI

The Ignite EDI hub is powered by four smart, foundational building blocks: the EDI gateway, portal technologies, the Atlas engine, and EDI exploration services.

The Ignite EDI gateway connects healthcare payers and providers to improve communication, improve data quality, and empower efficient management of EDI transactions. This ensures the shortest cycle-time from claim submission to payment so that health plans get data more quickly, and providers get paid faster. The Ignite EDI gateway ensures HIPAA compliance through standard X12 formatting that is consistently applied to inbound and outbound transactions.

Ignite EDI portal technologies empower providers, members, and partners to visualize their data intuitively in order to reduce call volume and support a higher level of self-service capability. Clients utilize a branded portal to reduce unnecessary calls to customer support, improve customer service, and increase staff productivity. Ignite EDI portals enable real-time eligibility inquiry, claim status, payment transaction visibility, and other features using an intuitive interface available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients utilize the built-in visibility and management of state and federal encounter data submissions, to easily correct pended claims in order to ensure the data is accepted for utilization reporting and risk scoring.

Ignite EDI’s Atlas engine forms the bridge between clients’ claims processing platform and their X12 files. The Atlas engine provides data mapping, conversion, and load utilities to import and convert proprietary “low-tech” file formats into standard X12 HIPAA compliant transactions or other proprietary formats.

The final component of the Ignite EDI foundation is EDI exploration services which is PLEXIS' team approach to the management of customers' EDI efforts.

“Our team of EDI specialists brings expertise and best practices gained from over 400 implementations,” said Bob Kraus, PLEXIS' Senior EDI Specialist. “Our ongoing client engagement model means that we truly operate as your business solution partner for EDI services. This assures that clients are able to quickly realize goals of increased auto-adjudication rates and savings as a result of increased automation and less effort. PLEXIS clients realize more value by our ability to quickly identify opportunities for great efficiency on an ongoing basis as customers grow and healthcare ecosystems evolve."

Setting a New Standard for EDI Excellence

The all-in-one, configurable Ignite EDI hub is scalable to meet diverse payers’ needs for encounter data, portal technology, claims, payments, enrollment, eligibility, authorizations, monitoring, reconciliation, reporting, and all aspects of electronic data integration for X12 and proprietary formats.

“Ignite EDI empowers payer organizations to do less work with more efficient processes,” said Sean Garrett, PLEXIS’ Chief Operating Officer. “Optimizing sustainable, repeatable transaction sets - to many different trading partners, equates to significant cost savings, greater provider satisfaction, enhanced visibility, and maximum extensibility.”

PLEXIS’ EDI specialists recently presented several engaging webinars to illustrate the extensible value of Ignite EDI. Learn more by visiting the following resources:

  • Ignite EDI: Data at the Center of your Universe.
  • Automate EDI Transactions for Significant Savings. Learn more by downloading the webinar.
  • The Green EDI Webinar. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Three ways you can eliminate waste and protect your healthcare EDI environment. This webinar demonstrates the power of optimizing EDI processes for intelligent transaction management, holistic visibility, and sustainable electronic efficiencies.
  • The Encounter Data Playbook. This webinar describes the value healthcare organizations can leverage from a systemic optimization of the encounter data lifecycle.

About PLEXIS Healthcare Systems

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems is a leading payer technology company that delivers trusted enterprise core administration, claims management, and EDI solutions to healthcare payers and delivery systems around the globe. PLEXIS payer platforms empower the business of healthcare, igniting growth, innovation, and efficiencies across diverse business lines.

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